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Spring Frittata

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Morning Glory, a mostly generic rom-com with Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and the guy from Phantom of the Opera who isn’t Gerard Butler. The movie was semi-memorable for two reasons: 1) it was about journalism, which automatically made it interesting for me, and 2) it made me really want a frittata.

In the movie, Ford plays cantankerous “serious journalist” Mike Pomeroy, who refuses to do typical morning show segments because he deems them beneath him. (Thankfully Matt Lauer has no such convictions.) But in the movie’s turning point, he finally relents and makes a frittata, even going so far as to use the ultimate morning show term to describe it: “fluffy.”

Frittatas are easy to make, delicious whether hot, cold or anywhere in between, travel easy (perfect for packing for lunch) and depending on what you put in them, can be as wholesome or sinful as you like. Eying bathing suit season warily? Sub in egg whites and pack it with vegetables. Looking to indulge for a weekend brunch? Hello bacon and cheese, my favorite morning friends. As Pomeroy says in the movie, “the secret to a good frittata is in anything that happens to be in the refrigerator can be used, but you have to have a really hot pan to start with.”

As it happens, this weekend I had one eye on eating healthy and the other on bacon. So, eschewing the heavy cream of this extravagantly rich frittata, I added my favorite spring vegetables (asparagus and peas, of course), though I kept the hefty helping of cured pork. I also swapped in some egg whites for good measure. I mean, spring is around the corner and my winter-padded derriere isn’t going to just magically shrink. Continue reading